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Been ordering from soy oriental for over a year now Never had a problem before but I ordered a take away for me and my family to receive it after an hour and 15 mins when told they be 30 45mins Once I receive the food it was stone cold I phoned to make a complaint and the lady I spoke to was rude wasnt apologetic at all she said to give the food back and they give me the money back and u can wait for fresh hot food to be redelivered Lol I tried to explain I have kids that have to get ready for bed and moaning that there hungry She was over talking me rude and didn t care at all Very disappointed in the delivery cold food and the lady I spoke too People skills was needed Won t be ordering from there again

Scott-2022-06-26 21:21:59

The perfect Chinese takeaway

Austin Hodson - 07:39:48

I ve been eating at Soya for 7 years It still seems to be the best Asian food around I m never disappointed The previous person that said the food is bland probably had Covid and lost their taste buds

Louis-2021-08-19 17:35:05

Unfortunately all of the food was extremely bland with no taste soy sauce still didn t add much flavour which usually it would prawns also flavourless for the price I do expect something that resembles Chinese fried rice may as well have been plain boiled rice Have heard good reviews so very unfortunate that this was our experience

M -2021-06-24 22:03:38

A round trip to Soya is 20 miles for me but it s the best Chinese restaurant I ve ever eaten in

Austin Hodson - 20:08:51

Lovely food and delivery was spot on the time requested Highly recommended

Susan-2021-02-13 09:39:42

Food is fantastic Great menu and excellent service Our local and best take out

Chris-2020-08-13 19:59:54

Great food as usual however today the chicken and sweet corn soup was aufull no seasoning we tried adding salt 3 times but had to bin it in the end

Steve-2020-07-25 18:33:12

Really enjoyed our delivery The chicken balls weren t all batter and there was lots of meat in the beef in black bean sauce Arrived on time 5 mins early and piping hot Will be working our way through the menu

Helen-2020-07-17 16:10:50

Dish was tasty not too bad


Would definitely order again




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